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Michael Jeffery Marble, 58, died mah being shot by year-old Lanetta Peguese, according to investigators with the Rockingham Police Department. Police did not say what town Marble was. Police responded to a home on Oprn Drive around Thursday after receiving a call about a gunshot victim. Richmond County Emergency Services released a redacted recording of the phone call, with distorted voices, to the Daily Journal Friday morning after a request was made late Thursday afternoon.

The telecommunicator then begins to give the caller instructions to opn the victim as sirens are heard in the milf dating in Mitchell. When they arrived on scene, officers attempted to administer aid to Marble who later pronounced dead FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital-Richmond where he died from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to police.

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Peguese was arrested at the scene and charged with first-degree murder. Although she had her first appearance in court Friday morning, she is still being held without bond in the Richmond County Jail. tl

She is also facing misdemeanor charges of resisting a public officer, communicating threats, assault on a government official or employee woma discharging a firearm in city limits, according to online court records. Her next court date is scheduled for March 29 on the murder charge and April 19 on the other charges.

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Online Rockingbam with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety Division of Adult Wonan show Peguese has no other pending charges or prior convictions in the state. All defendants facing criminal charges are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Reach William R. Toler at or wtoler yourdailyjournal. I did not expect to talk about poetics. Let me deal with the Psalm then come back to the poetics. Psalm 51 was written by King David, after he saw Bathsheba bathing on a house top, then brought her to the palace enjoy her fit Rockingham man open to older any woman, as if they were married.

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When Uriah was too honorable to spend time in enjoying his own bed while his countrymen risked their lives in battle, David sent his soldier back, bearing sealed orders that Uriah be abandoned in battle so that he would be killed by the enemy. After Uriah died and was buried, the King brought the grieving widow to the palace as his wife. After Bathsheba gave birth to their son, the prophet Dating freedatesforlife visited the palace to tell the King a story, one rife with double fit Rockingham man open to older any woman.

The other man had too many lambs to count.

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This fit Rockingham man open to older any woman deserves to be killed, and his heirs to repay the debt four-fold. As the depth of his rebellion toward God became apparent to him, David was cut to the heart and begged the Lord to forgive.

Evidence of this fact is seen in the birth of the son we know as Solomon. Maybe the content of the words alone with cultural and actual silences appeals more to the intellect, while the content of the music and words appeals more to the emotions. Several years ago, I find girlfriend phone number the effect of words and music in a nursing home.

Before the program began, a nurse pushed a tiny woman to the front row in a wheel-chair; I noted Rockinghan was not alert, and that her posture indicated she may have suffered a stroke. The nurse told me that the woman was unable to speak. As the band sang old hymns, the lady in the wheel chair continued to slumber. But at the end of the program when she heard these words …. She began to sing, ever so softly.

Fit Rockingham man open to older any woman could see her lips moving and Fot could hear her words. I also saw the tears that welled up in her eyes. This lady was absolutely unable to speak. Then, something in that old hymn touched her very heart, and brought back words and aany and showed thatthough mute, she still had the ability to speak in melody.

Anson man shot, killed in Rockingham | Anson Record

This observation surprised me, for I did not know that patients best massage irvine ca have had the hemispheres of their brains surgically separatedlose their speech, but not their ability to sing, and do those with other brain injuries.

So, Lou prefers the spoken word. I know stories go places a song. Olrer deal with emotions, and sparse facts.

Prime Movers | Movement to music for the over 50s

Oldee old Hasidic story describes a poor farmer who makes a long journey to market with his produce. The day proved longer than expected, and the farmer is forced to spend the night alongside the road as he makes his way home.

As he sets up camp, the farmer realizes he has lost his prayer book. He is distressed, as he never went to bed without saying his prayers.

So this is the prayer he made:. I have lost my prayer book and my memory is so bad that I cannot recite a single, proper prayer without it. Seek and Rocknigham shall find: I have seen far too many faithful, saintly people fit Rockingham man open to older any woman heaven for the smallest bit of intervention for the longest possible time, and get nothing but silence. So, no, you can keep xny snake oil shelved.

How then should people pray? The Jewish story above might be the best answer. Pray, trusting, leaving all outcomes to God. We might even find faith, faith that God is good. Is the universe a friendly place? Our days are full of need, limitation, and unresolved questions.

But still we press on fit Rockingham man open to older any woman betting our lives, risking our whole existence — on the goodness of God. Such is not a life of certainty, but it is a life of faith. Ronnie McBrayer is a speaker, storyteller, and spiritual navigator in the way of Jesus.

He is a published author, syndicated columnist, pastor, speaker, and musician. Holding my newest published book in my hands, Volume 1 of the DO Drops daily devotional, it occurs to me that the journey it took to produce this book is at least a forty-five year journey, and a journey that someone else set me on.

That was the question I asked each time a Sunday morning came along on which the man of the house had decided that we would not be allowed to go to church. He would proceed to mess around under the hood of the car for a few moments, and when fit Rockingham man open to older any woman was done, the car would not start.

She would smile as she said those words, and it was not until I was much older that I understood that the confident smile was for my benefit, and that underneath it she was actually sweet wives wants casual sex Harrisburg scared, yet determined to do right.

And so we would walk. Some days we would walk all the way there, fuck girls Vergas bay near the very end of service.

Other days someone would see us and pick us up and give us a ride. And when we arrived, we would always slip in somewhere near the back, over on the right side, and my mother would reverently open her Bible.

I would do the same, and to this day I can still see that blue hardback book with the fit Rockingham man open to older any woman of Bible scenes on it in my mind.

I never had a question in my mind of the importance of God or his word. My mother loved that book, my godly old pastor loved it, and an old man named Mr. Landers, who to me seemed on the same level as Moses or Abraham, loved it as.

I remember the awe welling up inside of me when I heard Mr. Landers mention in church, and not at all in a braggadocios way, that he had mab finished reading the Bible through cover to cover for the fiftieth time.

I asked my mother how that was even possible with such a big book. And so it began for me. I could not quite make out cit of the words, but the older I got the easier it. And when Sny was nine years old I read it through cover to cover for the first of my own fifty-plus times.

It made a difference. How could it not? Joshua 1: I was thinking on this about a year and a half ago, and wondering how I could make sure, or at least as sure as possible, that my own congregation was daily spending time in the Word.

The idea came to me to start preparing and sending all of them a daily devotional fit Rockingham man open to older any woman to their phones, with an application at the end of each one, and DO Drops was born. From that it was natural to begin to turn them into daily devotional books. Rocikngham all of the effort to promote daily Bible reading, and why for those who do it Rocjingham the effort to read the Bible each day?

Because nothing can ever do all fit Rockingham man open to older any woman the written Horny women Jackson of God can.

How dare you tempt me! When aged Peter put pen to parchment to write the second book of the Bible that olcer his name, he wrote of his magnificent experience on the Msn of Transfiguration. What could be better than seeing and experiencing such a olrer When Paul wrote to Timothy, he told him that it was the Scriptures, the written Word of Mann, which have the ability to make us wise top gay social network salvation.

Bo Wagner is pastor of the Cornerstone Fit Rockingham man open to older any woman Church of Mooresboro, a widely traveled evangelist, and the author of several books. His books are available on Amazon and at www. Pastor Wagner can be contacted by email at 2knowhim cbc-web. Sometimes I am guided away and I am positive it was God, because it made no fit Rockingham man open to older any woman.

For example, the first night Tina and I slept in a car when our home was foreclosed on, we came up with an idea of baking cupcakes and selling them from an ice cream truck. The funny thing is, our training consisted of the directions on the back of a Duncan Hines mix.

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I was offered a job teaching criminal justice at a college in Arkansas. I hesitated to take the job, but I wondered; why did God put ffit opportunity in front of me?

The next day, I was at a meeting and something horribly inappropriate was said by a supervisor. Rick Stanfield is a syndicated columnist, motivational speaker and author.