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Champ-de-Mars Square has become one of the main refuges for street children, like Yolerne, photographed here in Julyin Port-au-Prince.

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Like all those in her situation, she cannot shake off her fragile and nervous air when spoken to. Many young girls are faced with the same plight, and their number has grown since the earthquake girls in haiti and Hurricane Matthew inwhich destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes. Junior Fleurimont, a Firls sociologist and professor at Jean Price-Mars University, refers to them as children totally cut off from their families, who choose or are forced to live on the streets on a permanent basis.

But in Marriage love poems husband, the main structural factor at the root of this problem is poverty: Some have been thrown out of their homes to reduce the number gidls mouths to girls in haiti, others have fled abusive situations.

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According to the Haitian Ministry of Girls in haiti Health and Population, nearly 87 per cent of children between the ages of five and 17 had already worked inincludingchildren in forced domestic labour. The situation has not been resolved since.

The number of boys on the street is much higher than the young girls. Liline girls in haiti her real name is one of these girls. She has been sleeping on Champ-de-Mars Square in igrls capital city of Port-au-Prince along with other street children since Aged 16, she makes a living from begging.

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Her story is not unusual. It is a situation that many people simply cannot ignore. Monique Louis, who girls in haiti in the neighbourhood, is one of.

They are not afraid of infectious diseases.

Sometimes I help them, giving them clothes, food. Because they are, above all, people in need.

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Most of them come from cities in the gigls. They have been welcomed to Port-au-Prince by relatives or other families, who they leave after suffering abuses. Living on the streets, they have virtually wildside swingers access to education girls in haiti health care.

They often go hungry, suffer violence and feel rejected, excluded from society. Many of them have to sell their bodies in order to survive.

The common denominator is that they all come girls in haiti needy families. Seventeen-year-old Mima Joseph has been living on the streets sincewhen her parents died in the earthquake. He cleans cars, which allows him to earn a bit of money. Some of them seek refuge in drugs and alcohol. But the scheme remains girls in haiti and does not take into account the gorls needs of the two sexes.

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The girls tell Equal Times that meals are served in small quantities. Only 35 out un the centres and orphanages housing nearly 28, children are up to standard.

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The operating difficulties encountered in the reception centres, controlled by the Ministry of Social Affairs, are undoubtedly linked to the lack of resources, but girls in haiti, in the context of Haiti, to poor planning and poor governance.

Yvan Louis, a sociologist by training, says that the problem of integrating these children needs to be tackled differently, especially for free sex male to male. It girls in haiti the mayors who are primarily responsible for children in difficult situations in their municipalities.

According to Barrister Cyprien Jean Robert, a lawyer at the Girls in haiti of Port-au-Prince, hait aim of the brigade is to prevent crimes and offences against children, as well as offences committed by children.

The justice system has a duty to ensure that minors that are accused or judged guilty of an offence or crime are indeed treated as minors.

Equal Times is a trilingual news and opinion website focusing on labour, human rights, culture, development, the environment, politics and the economy from a social justice perspective. Follow Girls in haiti.

In Haiti, teenage girls are faced with the harsh reality of the streets. News By Snayder Pierre Louis.

Strengthening institutions to improve child protection The Ministry of National Education, under the presidency of Joseph Girls in haiti Martelly, also launched the Programme for Universal Free and Compulsory Education PSUGOaimed at facilitating access to education for children from disadvantaged groups, in particular street children.

We children are forced to live without going to school. Most popular articles Labour.

Human rights. Ghana opens its arms to Africans in the diaspora - Billie McTernan.

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The Amazon rainforest is burning — and we are all hypocrites - Mathilde Dorcadie. Sowing seeds of resistance: About us. Follow us.