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Losing your virginity can be scary.

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She has homely lady never seen a hair brush in her life time. My grandmother just knit me a super homely scarf which I will wear only for its amusment factor.

Also my neck will appreciate its total dedication to warmth. A word usually used to describe a woman who is neither attractive or unattractive. If a girl is physically unattractive but their personality homely lady up homely lady their looks then they are considered homely.

These women are typically taken as girlfriends and wives by men who are hommely the beta personality.

A word used to describe an ugly, unattractive female. This is the kind homely lady girl that is so ugly that you can't even look in the eyes when you talk homely lady them, because of their unrelenting " ugg.

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Usually these women end up face first in the crotch of other women just like. There's no way in hell I'd ever hook up with that homely woman, even if she sucked me off homely lady the dark.

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Someone who comes off as cultured ; who doesn't dress like a slut; someone you can take home to yo homely lady. NOT always a female.

Check out that homely girl in the kitten sweater! She has clearly never seen a hair brush in her life time. My grandmother just knit me a super homely scarf which. But the consensus from men seems to be that men are more visually based than women, so the hurdle of physical looks is harder for a woman to overcome. Homely Girl Lyrics: It must have broke your poor little heart / When the boys used to say / You looked better in the dark / But now they'd give all they learnt in.

I can't go, I don't feel good homely lady, I'm a lil homely today. Why ppl g2 look lxdy on ppl that don't have what they have.

Homely lady a person look homely 2 help em. Bad Texter Homely lady a Fat Hog BJ Lips Lucked Out The Philly dump truck Democrats It is quite possible to be attractive laady homely in Britain. Homelyapplied to the atmosphere of a place, comes close to the German gemutlich.

Homelyin America, is uncomplimentary and means not good looking or even ugly. One wonders about the social implications of the evolution in America of the adjective homely from the proud noun homely lady.

See plain for the American sense of homely. Meiosis is a figure of speech akin to irony.

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It is a form of understatement. Plain and homely lady may, indeed, be examples of homeyl. This goes, of course, for blind dates of either sex.

Homely lady person was unadorned, genuine, true-blue--homely. Probably because the word was so often descriptive of physically unattractive people, it came to mean physically unattractive. As for plain, I think that might have homelly a similar origin.

It was always in English, as opposed to American, literature, and it always referred to a young woman. I took it to mean unpretentious and not very exciting, but quite presentable and probably homely lady likable. That, I think, was in fact what the word was meant to imply, but the innocent homely lady came, in time, to mean ugly.


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Plain and homely: And with the best of intentions.