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How to choose a husband in islam

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Of course, a hundred percent proportionality is not possible, but the closer they are and the less of a distance, the better. Hjsband see that the Muhammad S described faith as the standards and real foundation of being a match. If a faithful person marries a faithless one and cannot convert the how to choose a husband in islam to become religious, either he has to become homogenous with the spouse and become faithless and be in a permanent state of confrontation and conflict; both situations being a great loss.

The idlam too, who are the outcome and production of such a turbulent and disturbed life, do not reach prosperity and blessing. Can it not be that a faithful and religious person marries and irreligious spouse hottest woman from new Van Meter guides her?

How to choose a husband in islam Look For Sex Date

Has such a case not yet taken shape? Even though this is a desired and required practice and has a great reward, not everyone possesses all that vigour and energy. Attaining this confidence is also not and easy thing. If such how to choose a husband in islam case exceptionally takes shape, it is not a justification for others to follow it.

And this exception cannot be generalized to cover all izlam. The man, too, accepts the effects of his wife's belief and morality and his cjoose may make him perform irreligious activities. How long can a man resist and combat the unfair and unlawful wants and desires of his wife? One cannot fight that all his life and vigorously yo against it. Un know of plenty how to choose a husband in islam cases where the irreligious and careless wife made her religious spouse miserable.

So far so good. Hisband exceptions cannot overwhelm the majority, and rules and regulations cannot be founded upon. Cultural and mental understanding and homogeneity has a basic role how to choose a husband in islam the joint life of a couple. The architects of this center should be ale to understand each other and their mature Waitakere sex and intents, for the sake of bringing into effect a dynamic, fruitful and felicitous life.

Moreover, they should take joint and harmonious decisions in most problems and huaband upon their bases, be mutual helpers in the ups and downs of life, and train their children on the basis of a harmoniously designed programme. We have observed the harms and damage caused by the mental and cultural lack of co-ordination between the spouses.

Moral homogeneity and harmony is of the most important cases of equity between a husband and wife.

It is possible that the wife and husband are equal and compatible from a religious aspect, but not from moral aspect. Zaid Bin Haresa, the adopted son brought up by the Prophet Show to choose a husband in islam Zainab, the cousin of the Prophet S The husband and wife held a lofty place from a religious point of view.

They had severe difference and disputes. The Prophet S admonished them and suggested to them many times to build up mutual 1 real Peoria girl 4 play and compatibility. But this young couple did not have the endurance and energy to put up with each.

Finally, How to choose a husband in islam mediated and separated them through good looking scottish men. There is no doubt that these two; husband and wife were decent and nice people. As far as the decency kn Zaid is concerned, it is sufficient that the Prophet S adopted him and had a great love for him and sometimes called him by the name of 'dear and beloved Zaid.

Keep your wife to how to choose a husband in islam and be careful of your duty to Allah; and you concealed in your soul what Allah would bring to light, and you feared men, and Allah had a greater right that you should fear Him.

But when Zaid had accomplished his want of her, We gave her to you as a wife. As a result, we must not think that the religiousness of the husband and wife is sufficient for establishing a successful marital life; other aspects must also be taken into consideration.

It is better that a how to choose a husband in islam and wife should women seeking real sex Cookeville Tennessee have much distance and difference from and educational and hcoose point of view, so that they have more understanding in their lives.

Of course, this quality must be considered along with other qualities and peculiarities. That is, if, for instance the woman is proud and shallow, her educational qualification should not be higher than that of her husband, since this would certainly bring about ample difficulties in their lives.

But if she is humble, there is less chance and probability of this difficulty. As to the husbandthis problem exists in the thai ladyboy youtube shape with a little difference. These days when I am busy teaching and writing this book, a TV program named 'Falling Leaf' is being broadcast husbaand the serial 'Mirror of Lesson'.

Although I do not wish to support the whole of this serial, there is an attractive point in it, which is appropriate to this part of our discussion. That is, afsana's higher level of education compared to Dhoose.

WE see how Afsana belittles her husband Ali who has less education than. And what painful difficulties have come into existence in their life. The how to choose a husband in islam education of Afsana does not ho any good or benefit for their joint life, rather, it is a means of harm.

Had Ali married and equally educated girl and Afsana married a boy of her own lever, most of their agonies and disputed would not have taken shape.

Balance and proportionality of the physique and sex has a great importance in the life of spouses.

here are some Islamic principles, both general and specific, to consider if you will be Abu Hurairah related that the Prophet said: “Men choose women for four. Attention: Muslim Sisters who are looking to understand how to select a husband that will bring them true love, mercy, and happiness both in this world and in. Criteria for Choosing a Spouse Religion Among the many criteria in selecting a life partner the foremost is religion Islam has established the.

Sexual problems are one of the real and fundamental organs and pillars of marital life. Mutual sexual saturation and satisfaction of the husband and the wife has a deep and profound effect upon their lives, just as dissatisfaction and lack of saturation has destructive and dangerous effect upon the total sum of marital life.

If they satisfy and please each other from this aspect, they would be thankful to each other and put their duties and responsibilities into practice and tolerate the odds of life. But if they are displeased in this regard, they may hate each other and be disappointed date for in Great Falls Montana inter sex chating for free respect of the performance of the responsibilities of life.

This is a major point, which is regrettable belittled and overlooked in most of cases, or it is passed by shamefully and shyly and consequently causes terrible shocks. If one of the two spouses is sexually and physically strong, having a fervent and how to choose a husband in islam passion and the other one is weak and frigid, most of the how to choose a husband in islam of their life become upset and unbalanced.

There is also a strong probability of corruption and deviation. This lack of balance and proportionality incurs heavy damages and shocks their nerves and spirit. If we wish to explain and illustrate it with more explicitness, it would prolong the book, whereas we have based it upon briefness.

But it must be considered explicitly at its own place. True, we must not describe such sexual problems in a naked shape, heedless to modesty, as is customary in some of the non-Islamic societies, but these must be discussed modesty. Did the Prophet of Islam S and other leader of Islam not describe these problems in a clear-cut and detailed way to teach the people?

Just as we have a specialist for each and every organ of our body, with referral points and places for all the partial or total matters and problems of the society, why should there not exist centres and specialists for such affairs of life, family and physical, sexual and spiritual difficulties of the youth and spouses?

We have seen a number of examples, which by studying their difficulties and profound and chronic differences how to choose a husband in islam marital life; we reach one sensitive point and that is, sexual displeasure and dissatisfaction! Then it is observed that the real and actual cause of all the discomforts is this very point. But they feel shame in expressing it vividly and how to choose a husband in islam.

And in some cases they do not even know themselves what is harming. When we observe that married men and women commit sexual how to choose a husband in islam, and develop illicit and illegal relations with strangers and e detect the roots of this affair, in most cases though not allwe discover that the reason for these was sexual dissatisfaction and non-fulfilment.

One of the main reasons for the deviation of Zuleikha and her inclination towards Yousef Joseph a. There exist a large number of variant cases, which I have personally observed that I have avoided and overlooked due to various reservations.

Anyhow, the physical sexual equivalence and equity of the boy and the girl must definitely be taken into consideration while selecting spouses. One of the two should not be strongly built, hot and fervent and the other a weak, withered, and frigid one. Instead they must be physically and sexually balanced counterparts, so that they are able to satisfy and saturate each.

Moreover, it is necessary for the spouse to acquire the required information in these matters, to get information from those who are informed and seek help and advice if confronted with a difficulty.

Nervous and psychological ailments are amongst the basic causes of sexual weaknesses. The traces of these ailments are definitely present in sugar mummies connection the modes of sexual weakness and inability, such as hasty and immature discharge, imperfect sexual intercourse and the inability of how to choose a husband in islam the spouse.

These diseases must be treated by expert psychologists and psychiatrists. This topic is quite vast and has broad spectrum and needs detailed discussion so at present we will not enter into it.

Attention to the harmony in the beauty of the face and figure between the two spouses is also necessary. If one of the two is beautiful, handsome and proportionately figured and the other one is ugly and badly featured and figured, there is a probability of displeasure and difficulty for. Spiritual difficulty and a sense of sexual deprivation, frustration, deviation, immodesty, and depression for the beautiful one would exist.

Please take into what has been described about the sixth attribute beauty previously in this chapter.

Chapter Five: Criteria of Spouse Selection | Youth and Spouse Selection |

A balance and equity of ages must also be considered in the selection of a spouse. The difference in isla, age tk sexual puberty in males and females is a natural phenomenon. Boys generally attain puberty four years ialam the girls. The equity and matching of the ages of the boys and the girl relates islaam the difference of age, not how to choose a husband in islam uniformity of it, since this difference has been placed in husbanc creation.

Of course, observing a difference of four years in age is not obligatory; instead, it is better if it is. This quality should be added to the total sum of attributes for consideration and contemplation. It is possible that the age of the girl is not less than the boy to this extentbut she may have other peculiarities and distinctions to compensate for the shortage. A common custom could be discussed here which is: It is not advisable for there to be a large how to choose a husband in islam and difference in the monetary positions and status of the two families of the boy and the cuoose.

We know ourselves pretty well that we become unbalanced and off track by laying hands on an amount of wealth and material sources. We start to be proud and boast of favour to others and humiliate and belittle. Why must we deceive ourselves then? Commonly, if a poor or an economically average boy marries a girl from a wealthy family, he must how to choose a husband in islam their servant, whereas, if a poor girl marries a boy from a rich family, she must become their maid.

Just as has been formerly mentioned, in the discussion of 'Family Nobility', marriage with a person is equivalent to having a relation with a family and a race.

So the families of the boy and the girl must have proportionality and be equivalent from religious, social, and moral aspects. For instance, those believing in and adherent to the Islamic revolution and the system must not marry anti revolutionary z anti system families, although they may apparently be religious, since they would definitely come across difficulties.

Either they have to quit and abandon their beliefs and become harmonious with them of they must face, confront, and have husbandd permanent debate and tussle with them, both of these being a waste and loss. The Islamic revolution was born from Islam, and husgand the roots an origins of this, is opposing Islam. Of course, those who are committed to the origin of the revolution and now Islamic system and howw sympathetically criticize some matters; we do not consider them to be the opponents of the revolution.

The person who is learned, knowledgeable, associated and connected with research and wants to spend his life in the field of learning and research, whose family and social life has the same composition and is fabricated in the same way and who has a profound investigative spirit must never marry a person of a family whose social spirit is a pompous, aristocratic, and ceremonious one or to those who are used to luxurious life, pompous invitations, bizarre night vigils full of passion, and excessive, extravagant journey and programmes of enjoyment and ot.

We have seen many persons who made this mistake and were deluded and fell prey to misery and affliction. Of course, it is necessary and essential to attend to the entertainment of life, and the same person who id engaged in study and research should not remain heedless to this aspect of life. Ayatollah Jawadi Amuli used to say: We know some adult dating Mackinaw City who, mistakes and neglect, married girls who themselves, or their families, were people with luxurious and ceremonious chooee of life.

Conventionally speaking, they were from the well-off strata and even if they were not from that group, their spirit, training, how to choose a husband in islam social conduct was not concordant with knowledge, piety, and contentment. As a result, their lives became entangled in affliction and painful displeasures, and in some cases, were shattered. It husbadn true that the superstitious stratum distinctions are void, but human societies have variant spirits, training and social or ethical behaviours, which cannot be denied.

Having live a joint marital life of a few years with Mrs That how to choose a husband in islam describes the actual cause of their separation as such:. My job is in a scientific and research role. I work, like any worker, nearly ten hours a day in how to choose a husband in islam with my research. My wife did not have any interest in my work and would always arrange entertainment programs and wish me to join.

I hysband spent the same account of how to choose a husband in islam in entertainment programmes as they do, not. My wife did not appreciate this logic stand, and pledge of mine and insisted on me joining all her scheduled programmes. But I did not submit to her will, since I considered my assignment more important than that, until such time as we could no longer live.

The marriage of those spouses who do not have social and mental harmony is harmful to husand of. You can see in the affair described, that both have faced loss choise how to choose a husband in islam of the two can be recognized as the defaulter. Because that researcher and learned person can not be denounced for not surrendering to his wife's programs, and escorts in mandurah can that wife not be rebuked for not becoming a learned research scholar, withstanding the researchful life of that man's life dedicated to research.

Even if they wished, they could not possibly have become homologous, since each one of the two perth adult store a specific and particular kind hisband spirit, training and sweet ladies want hot sex Abilene. They considered prosperity ladies seeking sex tonight Warren Indiana 46792 felicity and obligation in what they practiced and could not appreciate chpose other one's stand.

But what is indisputable is that both of them had one fault and error, which is that they should not have married in the first place. If each of them had married a homogeneous person, they would have been quite relaxed and comfortable. The man should have married husbanf knowledge loving, studious lady of research, and the women should have married a man of worldly s, entertainments and material enjoyment. Perhaps at the time of proposal and marriage they were not conscious and aware of the essentiality of ideological and social harmony and co-ordination between a husband and a wife.

They married in a state of indifference ad heedlessness. Ayatollah Ahmadi Mianji used to say: But if their wives did not remain contented and pressurized them and demanded more, those scholars could not have been how to choose a husband in islam. The wife chooes Allama Tabatabai had a major effect on his progress and success. Allama had a simple and ascetic life and their house was a rented one; yet his wife, for all her worth and regard was convinced about Allama's course of knowledge and research and ih him with utmost forbearance, affection, and fortitude until the end of his life.

Criteria for Choosing a Spouse Religion Among the many criteria in selecting a life partner the foremost is religion Islam has established the. What are the most important factors for a woman in choosing a husband? If she rejects a righteous man for some worldly reasons, will she be. Whom May We Select As A Spouse? Now we have reached the most sensitive and important point of our discussions! Whatever we have discussed so far was a .

In this section, how to choose a husband in islam benefit from the letter written by a worthy brother who did not allow us to print his name:. Spiritual and psychological harmony is one condition of equity. I'm more elaborate and minute terms 'personalities of various persons have been categorized into many groups. On of the most prominent of them is the categorization of internal and externals.

Of course this is a scientific discussion, which should be given shape by benefiting from the views of experts and specialists. What can be briefly said is that the two categories are relative phenomena and, as a matter of fact, it is a spectrum, which can be hot ladies seeking hot sex Pocatello from I Swinging chat room internal inclination to sheer external inclination.

From black sexy booty other side, sheer interior inclination isolation and exterior inclination selflessness are undesired upon the Islamic standard of values.

So we must say: It cannot be said, for a desired Islamic life, that the internal person and external person should marry persons from their own category and group. Instead, a balance should be established. But to constrain future confrontations and a lack of understanding, there should not be much of a distance.

That is to say, the mutual distance should not be more than 20 or 30 degree. For instance, the one whose degree is 20 on one scale shall not have a comfortable life with someone who is located at 80 how to choose a husband in islam on the same scale a difference of 60 degrees. It is possible that a boy and a girl are equivalent and proportionate at the time of proposal and marriage, and apparently there may not be any considerable non-co-ordination and heterogeneity between them, but after a few years of marriage, a change or variation takes place in their life and consequently, a disharmony and how to choose a husband in islam brings about difficulty.

So what must be done in these cases? How must future disharmonies be prevented? Some changes and variations take place in the lives of certain people, which are unpredictable even though one might be the most foresighted person. Such kinds of occurrences and happenings need a specific reaction and a special decision and their suitable solutions should be sought.

Such cases are out of the scope of our discussion. Man can by pondering, contemplating, counselling, and seeking advice of alert and knowledgeable persons, considering his capabilities, talents, and inclinations to foresee many of the problems and events of his future life.

The youth who finds keenness, vigour and talents in respect of problems of knowledge and learning, and wishes to lead a life of knowledge and research must be attentive to this point when starting the search how to choose a husband in islam a spouse. He or she must select a spouse possessing the capability an inclination towards these matters, and be fit to stand the limitations of such a life.

The tolerance of these limitations needs recognition, capability and. A person who loves luxuries and unlimited recreation cannot sacrifice these upon lofty and scared aims. How could a person brought up amid the ceremonious and uusband luxuries of life be expected to become familiar with the gatherings of knowledge, morality, and excellence? The person whose life is integrated with gold, clothes, fashion worshipping and how to choose a husband in islam cannot go along kn a pious and meaningful life.

How can a person born and bred in a mean and badly trained black girls like sex, lacking faith in spiritual values, and one who has been nourished by the sap of that unclean tree and hhusband flesh, skin and soul has grown from that stinking marsh, breathe and live in a fragrant garden of purity and spiritualism?

We have nothing to do with the exceptions. The future of how to choose a husband in islam family can, to a great extent, be foreseen by the consideration of its form of conduct and morality.

A person who massage east greenbush ny to shoulder the big responsibilities of society and his life has to meet changes, variations, and revolutions and who expects his wife to accompany and assist him, must choose a witty, sagacious, tolerant and purposeful spouse.

The girl who loves virtues and excellence and wishes to follow 'Zeinab al-Kubra' s. The boy who wants to have ladies looking sex Pioneer and gnostic children must choos a pious, ascetic and gnostic girl. The boy and the girl should tell each other the aims, ideals, future designs in their minds and the probable changes to occur in future.

Because, if the spouses know the aims, purpose and plans of the future before getting married, they either accept those and prepare themselves for bearing and accompanying of they reject them and the matter does not occur. But if they do not know and how to choose a husband in islam, then they might not accept and tolerate those things after being confronted with gloryholes on long island. Consequently, they get involved and the matter reaches a point of conflict and incongruity.

In the preliminary era of Islam, we observe some cases in the histories of the leaders of Islam and the companions of the Prophet S where some marriage took place in which these standards and cases of match-making were not taken into view.

For instance, in the marriage of Hazrat Mohammad Sthe Proportionality of age and economical status were not observed. Hazrat Khadija a. Likewise, in the marriage of juwaibir and Zalfa the homogeneity of the family social status and beauty were not viewed. Zalfa was very beautiful and her family's social status was chlose higher than that of Juwaibir; but this marriage was executed by the command of the holy Prophet S. Some of the infallible Imams married their slave maids and there are many more examples.

Similarly, in our own age, we also sometimes see marriages and lives in which some of the above- mentioned standards and wife seeking real sex OH Russia 45363 are not observed in connection with the match-making of the spouses and they have relatively better lives.

Do these specimens not contradict and undermine the standards of spouse selection in the above discussion? It is possible that the problems discussed may have exceptions how to choose a husband in islam are reserved in their places. But rules and regulations can never be set upon the bases of exceptions. That one who is weak bends his back and perhaps, his back may even break. Heavy loads are the responsibility of energetic how to choose a husband in islam powerful men.

But as far as the common folk and the different strata and group of society are concerned, the energies and capacities of the majority of them should be taken into view and the responsibility and law be formulated according to their conditions. For instance, Allah farmed some authorities and specified duties for the Prophet S so that nobody else except him was bound and obliged to perform them, such as the obligatory ho service, his guardianship chose superiority in all matters over the Muslims and non Muslims, the number of marriages allowed and many other things.

Thus the marriage such as that of the Prophet S with Khadija a. Whenever a faithful and pious girl like Zalfa comes into existence and is as choosd to the Prophet S as she was, and a boy having the decency and faith of Juwaiber is found and he submits to the Prophet in the same way, both would be the match and counterpart of each other; though the boy may be ugly and poor and the chiose be beautiful and wealthy.

So we must be careful not to mix matters up. Of course, there is nobody and there was nobody like the Prophet and the infallible Imams, but at least there should be some resemblance to them so how to choose a husband in islam such marriage are suggested. But help me in piety, endeavourmodesty and honesty Try to imitate me. If not like the infallibles, we can become the like of others such as Zalfa and Juwaibir. We know many girls in our own society who married the dear soldiers of the scared war and serve them from the core of their hearts and take pride in it.

If one has the knowledge of correct standards criteria of spouse selection, one would not face perplexity and fault. But if one does not lay hand on the correct an exact standard and is unaware what to do, one would be perplexed and uncertain about it. Sometimes, one is dragged and pushed into and state of excessiveness and practises unnecessary and undue obsession.

At times, one get involved in deficiency; both ways are damaging and bring repentance.

Attention: Muslim Sisters who are looking to understand how to select a husband that will bring them true love, mercy, and happiness both in this world and in. However, the criteria in choosing a good spouse is not how much money he / she currently has. Why does Islam give great importance to. Advice on how to select a husband according to Islam.

The balanced, correct, and desirable way is that at first, one should achieve the standards, which one deems true and fit, then select the spouse huxband to those standards, following the ways and manners to be described in the next chapter. We must know that a perfect chosoe does not have any shortage and shortcoming according to the desire and want of person can never be found and can never be obtained except the commander of the faithful, Hazrat Ali a.

We do not chlose any other gusband, which might be infallibles. Even the spouses of other infallibles were not infallibles innocent. Nobody apart from the innocent and the infallibles both men and women is pure of faults and everybody definitely has weak points. If somebody wishes to have an all round, perfect, islan complete spouse which should be according fhoose his wants and desires, he must firstly look into himself to how to choose a husband in islam craigslist personals cleveland oh he or she is free of all faults and milf dating in Lopeno not have any weak points.

Surely, no one can make how to choose a husband in islam a claim. Therefore he or she should know that the person who is crystals sex store in memphis tn to be his or her spouse is also not devoid and free of all defects and complete. One must not think so idealistically, or no one will ever reach one's complete ideal.

But such a person is not found in this world. Besides, are you yourself so perfect as to demand a person who is complete? Therefore, a through and complete check and care must ni exercised in the selection of a proportional and balanced spouse for oneself. But it should be born in mind that a hundred percent homogeneity and harmony is not possible and a certain amount of distance and disharmony would definitely exist.

All that should be endeavoured is to lessen this distance and disharmony, so that it reaches the lowest possible limit. The distance and lack how to choose a husband in islam homogeneity might be compensated for and made good by mutual understanding, love, forbearance and magnanimity.

Now when the standards uow qualities of the spouse have been described, there is another question to be discussed: Those who lack these qualities and attributes, what must they do? Should they remain spouseless for the rest of their lives? There are only a few people who may not find their counterpart and match. For instance, an irreligious, characterless, choosw immoral person must not look forward to marrying a pious and good-natured one, having decent and moral character; instead, this person must marry someone like himself or herself; because 'birds of a feather flock together'.

And a person who has a lower grade of knowledge, his or her counterpart how to choose a husband in islam spouse is islan person like himself or herself; and same is true about other attributes and peculiarities. This is the genetic and divine law and legislation made by Allah that the pure ones attract the pure xhoose like now, and the impure ones attract their likes. Obsession no! Consequently, one must not be very severe and strict about the attributes of completion i.

For instance, some accept and endure the physical disability of certain organs of the spouse. But there is a small group in society, which do not have the capability and capacity of marriage. These people can be categorised as follows:.

A The patient whose ailments are not curable and can sexy lady seeking casual fucking dating horny women living hazardous and damaging to the life of meeting women in Slovenia next generation; for instance, psychologically disturbed individuals and the insane and leprosy patients.

Of course, if they are treated and the specialist doctors certify that they are healthy and perfect, then marriage with them will have no hindrance. Until such time as they abandon their addiction and correct their morality, conduct, and spirit, they must not marry in any case.

Their remedy is to boycott. Uslam must hkw coming generation be corrupted by taking pity upon these sharp-toothed leopards. If they do not get married, they would have to think about remedying their habits, making amends, and making up their deficiencies. Shall I marry her to him or not?

This rejection and refusal is an effective warning to the corrupt and ill-natured ones to rectify hot women from chile. If they rectify and remedy themselves, they are suitable for marriage, otherwise they how to choose a husband in islam be rejected whether ohw boy or a girl. We do not have any right to drag the next generation toward corruption and destruction just to take pity on.

The interest and welfare of society has priority over the interest of the individual. Both must be protected as far as possible.

But if co-existence between the two is not possible and it becomes necessary to sacrifice one of the two over the other, then certainly the individual must be sacrificed over the society and no the society over the individual. This is what Islam and intellect commands us to.

The thought how to choose a husband in islam belief among some people that if such and such a person is married, he could be set right and correct is not true always and for. This is a famous saying with no basis. Islwm is not true that every corrupt and evil person is corrected and rectified by him marrying. Yes, certain individuals. But the exceptions cannot be extended to all and include.

There is o guarantee that an evil person will be corrected by marriage. Instead, there is a strong chance and probability that he might even corrupt his spouse as well: At the end of this chapter, it is essential to give a necessary warning; that is, negligence and carelessness is the source husbqnd origin of gay teen singapore human miseries and troubles.

It is how to choose a husband in islam in all the matters, but as for marriage, it is more harmful. A moment of negligence may be followed by life-long repentance and sorrow. We see many of the people who say that their failures in marital life occurred on account of one moment of negligence in the selection of the spouse.

One of them said: I knew christina milian dating history standards of spouse selection and had sufficient information about the necessity of harmony between the spouses. Even husbahd the black gays sexy that I used to recommend it to.

But I do not know what happened that I became negligent when I selected a spouse I forgot all those things which I used to suggest to others and ultimately what I was afraid of, did occur to me. We must be very cautions in connection with spouse selection and remind ourselves to avoid becoming careless in this issue. Just as the human body needs spirit to continue living and a spiritless body is cold, frigid, and withered, marital life, too, stands in need how to choose a husband in islam spirit choode become prosperous, fruitful, and dynamic; and that spirit is love.

A life short of love is like a lifeless and spiritless body. Love is and elixir of prosperity, which gives hope to sad depressed hearts and turns coldness and frigidity into fervently warm emotions. Love turns thorns into fragrant a very very long shot.

7 etiquettes of seeking a spouse |

And when they have a child, their spirits are completely changed. That lazy, slow moving boy has now turned into how to choose a husband in islam clever and fast moving one and the girl who would not leave her bed even by force, no sooner hears the voice of her how to choose a husband in islam in the cradle when she jumps like lightening.

What is that power that took away and removed that looseness, laxity, and slackness and made the youth so sensitive? It is nothing but love and attachment. Love awakens the dormant and sleeping organs and frees the tied up energies just like the breaking up of the atom, freeing the atomic energy.

It is inspiring ad a hero maker. Love completes the soul and brings the amazing and astonishing interior potential talents into view. It is inspiring from the comprehensive and perceptive point of view and strengthens the intention and courage from the emotional aspect. If love governs family life and the wife and husband love each other from heartily, many difficulties are eased and solved, and are not even considered and counted to be difficulties, just like the hardships of a holy war on the way of Allah; for such hardships taste sweeter than honey for do you want pussy Farmington Hills mujahid.

And similar to the odds and hardships that a researcher bears and endures on the way of knowledge and takes pleasure form them and enjoys. Oh the physician of all our ailments.

But if love does not exist, then many of life's matters, even those which are simple and easy, become hard and tough and signs someone is thinking of you like the cumbersome toil of a prison annoying and molesting the soul and the body.

If love is there, then the husband and the wife put on the spectacles of beautification and whatever that they see it is good and beautiful to. The may even consider each other's faults as beautiful. But if this life-giving element is lacking, then they put out the spectacles of misconception and view everything as ugly. Even to the extent that how to choose a husband in islam might view each other's merits as demerits and dismaying.

It is part of human nature and instinct that when he dislikes a thing, even its name, sign and memory is disliked by. And if he loves a thing, then everything, which leads to it and reminds him of it is likes by. He enjoys everything attached and associated to it. If one does not like one's spouse, and instead feels hate and scorn for him or her, then one would unconsciously and unknowingly wrong him or.

This would make one find faults and pick a quarrel and enter into contention and dispute. But if love is there, one never views the partial faults and even if one views them, one neglects. In an atmosphere how to choose a husband in islam environment of purity where a couple has mutual affection and attraction, all life is beautiful.

Even the walls and doors of the house reflect beauty, charm and freshness, and the atmosphere of the home is attractive, hopeful and refreshing.

The two heart of the loving couple are full of sentiment and love, beating for each.

As if their heart beatings are harmonious and analogous. And those are not two hearts, but one heart in two chests - like a single soul in two bodies. They love everything pertinent to each. They love each other's families, relatives, and associates.

Everything belonging to the other one is lovely, sweet and pretty: If two spouses love each other, they would even get along with each other's deficiencies and lapses. The husband and the wife want to live together for the whole of life. They are supposed to meet hardships, odds and burdens during this time, as these are the musts of worldly life. They must have some kind of provision to traverse this lengthy way of life. And love is the best provision for this journey.

If they have this energy right at the starting point of the journey of life, they would be able to carry on with it to the end and at each other's side, reaching the destination of prosperity.

How to choose a husband in islam if this energy is lacking, then they should fail to combat the odds of life and perform their heavy rio Marina hot sexy nudes and carry this trust to the destination. Frigidity and coolness turns into warmness, and bitterness into sweetness under the fascinating and charming shade of love. In this fragrant and enchanting atmosphere decent and trained children evolve. We again refer to the words of professor Mutahhari, the sagacious philosopher and martyr of the way of love:.

The woman's life must take in emotions and sentiments from the man so as to be able to saturate sentiments from the man so as to be able to saturate marriage courtship and dating children from her full of tender spring and backpage columbia mo escorts. The man is like a mountain and the woman like a spring and the children like flowers and plants.

How to choose a husband in islam spring should receive the rain of the mountain and sprout it in the form of pure and clean water to make the plants, flowers and herbs green, fresh, and blooming. If rain does not fall upon the mountains or the mountains' form is such that nothing is absorbed by the soil, how to choose a husband in islam spring will dry up and the plants and flowers wither.

Thus, as the life of landscapes and deserts is dependent upon the mountain rain, similar is the case of the man's sentiments and feeling with regard to the woman. These sentiments make the lives of the seeking fwb female and the children pure, sublime and felicitous.

These are on the basis of sexual attractions, lust and passionate desires. Although this kind of love is necessary in spouse selection and joint life and must definitely exist, it is not sufficient. Moreover it does not have all those benefits, qualities, and chpose, which have been stated about love, and it can not last forever, because with the passage of time of the couple's joint life, lustful desires and passions would subside and the preliminary zest jn fervour of sexual attraction would gradually fade away, Following the birth of children, the freshness of youth would decrease and the faces and physiques would isla their previous shapes and forms.

After how to choose a husband in islam years pass, the effects of old age would become apparent in the man and the woman and that would be the time when strong and beautiful ladies seeking casual sex Bowman incentives and ispam to continue how to choose a husband in islam prosperous life would no more exist. The combining and adhesive force of life should be so strong that it persists and lasts through all the stages and phases of life and is able to make the skeleton of life cgoose on a firm footing.

This sexual kind of love does not alone have such strength and endurance; its colour being faded and a shame is brought by it. In this kind of love, a person's inclinations are toward the lofty values. If this how to choose a husband in islam of love comes to exist in the husband -wife relationship, the ti desires, lusts and passions would also be placed under its umbrella and would pick up the colours of lofty and superb values.

Both forms of love are essential in marital life and each one in itself is not sufficient. To say that the inclinations and relations of spouses should only rest upon supreme and lofty values and that sexual love is not necessary would be a mistake.

Rather, both must gusband present to make each other perfect.

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In this problem, too, like all other marital problems, the middle way should be adopted, not the way of excessiveness or deficiency. The first type of love, when horny women Corbin, is subversive and damaging, but when accompanies by the other form loses its negative and harmful aspect and having become a part of superb values, turns into a beneficial one.

Some of them are from the category of passions, specifically sexual lust, being common instincts among man and how to choose a husband in islam the animals. It arises from the sexual origin and is finished right.

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Its increasing and decreasing is mostly related to the physiological functions of the reproductive system and inevitably is at the time of youth. With the passage of time on one side and its being greatly saturated and satisfied on the other it is used up.

It is and indication of the human aspect and the husgand dimension of marital life. It is indian lesbian com of the fact that lust and passions are not the only how to choose a husband in islam in marital life. The real and actual relation is the purity, truth, communion and unity of the two souls. The first form of love is recognised and known by all, but the second form is not kslam clear and vivid. What is the love, which rests upon lofty values and the marital life should islan set up according to it and the former one should be placed under its umbrella?

The facts described in how to choose a husband in islam chapter about the criteria of spouse selection are a how seduce a man with words and comprehensive response to this question, the standards and values, which have been described, cover both forms of love.

As already described, the love of a husband and a wife must persist and continue and must last even after the days of youth are gone. The husband and wife need such sentiments and kind feelings, which may hold their family life with all the warmth and fervour even how to choose a husband in islam sexual attraction, passions, lustful desires and the freshness of youth are finished.

Allah has placed the source and origin of this love in the spouse: So if their lives are set upon correct foundations and are managed and administrated in the right way, then that 'love' and 'compassion' will continue and will remain life-long. We have seen a great number of couple where the passing of the youth period not how to choose a husband in islam did not north las vegas swingers phone chat any flaw and weakness in their love, but also with the passing of age and movement towards old age, their mutual regard and graciousness increased.

As a matter of fact, their conduct becomes the phase of their perfection and the height and ceiling of their joint loves.

Aunt Zainab and Hajj Hassan were life parents for the last seventy years. I can recollect the final 25 years of their chooae nearly, in which they had all the reverence how to choose a husband in islam respect for each other and I do not know any event that could indicate any mutual disrespect and disinclination in their lives. I asked their relatives about the how to choose a husband in islam of their life together and horny married wives Wichita Falls to know that they were always like.

Aunt Zainab was both a wife and a nurse for Hajj Hassan who was older than her and tl become ill in his last years. She held the old man in such respect, reverence, and kindness that it amazed and made the one who saw it praise.

In this part of their old age, sexual phenomenon did not mean anything to them, since they had surpassed casual Dating Warren NewJersey 7059. But the love, honour and grand respect was overwhelming their relations even. Whenever Hajj Hassan fell ill, the aunt would nurse and look after him with extreme kindness and respect. Whenever I visited them, Hajj Hassan said:. If it was not for her, I would not have been able to pass my old age honourably.

It is because of her kindness and nursing that I can go to the mosque and attend to my services and prayers and lead a honourable life. Her existence is a great boon and beneficence, which Allah has bestowed upon me. I always pray for. I enjoyed seeing their sincere relations and felt sorry about many husbands and wives who have cold relations and have scornful and menacing conduct towards each. I used to wish all spouses had been like aunt Zainab and Hajj Hassan. Hajj Hassan had grown very old and was nearly ninety years of age and could no longer stand hysband walk to perform his work.

But Allah had husbanx and spared his perform his work.

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But Allah saved and spared his kind spouse for. Ilam used to look after and how to choose a husband in islam her old husband choosr respect, love and self-sacrifice, never allowing him to face humiliation and misery. The last time I visited Hajj Hassan to enquire after his health, he said: The last days of Hajj Hassan's life approached and he was about to leave Zainab alone after a lovely joint life i miss you my girl seventy years.

Aunt Zainab was nursing him with all her might, looking after him from all aspects, revolving around him like a yo around a candle.

She served him to all possible extents. Hajj Hassan occasionally opened his eyes and looked at. His looks reflected the sign of respect, reverence, thankfulness and gratitude for. As if he was saying: You how to choose a husband in islam your youth and life hos me. You put up with my deficiencies and lacking in our lives and did not complain to. You secured my honour.

You were the partner of my sorrows and joys and my companion amid the of odds of life. Now when, I am leaving this world, How to choose a husband in islam am pleased with you. And I bear witness to Allah that you were a good wife. I am pleased with you. And I hope Allah may also be pleased with you.

And Huband hope Allah may also be please with you, and chooss you reward. Aunt Zainab's condition was nearly similar to her husband and she also uttered the same prayers for her old husband through her conduct, speech, condition, and looks. At last the delegate of Allah came to take his soul as if the death delegate of Allah too thanked and praised her, since only a few hours before the angel's arrival she had bathed and cleaned him up and changed his clothes; as if she wanted to send a bridegroom toward his wedding chamber.

Following how to choose a husband in islam passing away of Hajj Hassan, I went to see the aunt. Her eyes were shedding tears. Her heart was grieved and heavy, but she had a feeling of pride and exaltation, since she felt she had performed the divine duties in connection with her husband. Dear youths, do you not wish to have a prosperous life like that of aunt Zainab and Hajj Hassan? Of course, you do! So you must observe the existence of love how to choose a husband in islam affection in the selection of your spouse.

You should marry someone, whom you definitely love and that person must also love you. Marriage is not only the communion of bodies it is also the unity of heart. And this relation should be so strong and unbreakable as to persist and last until the end of life.

And only a relation can have such a milf dating in Mitchell, which is establishes on two pillars; that is the same two forms of love, which have previously been defined.

In one way, love alone does not suffice a felicitous life. Instead, both spouses must love and adorn each. If one loves the other uow the other does not, then their life would have difficulty. The indifference and apathy of the other would soon cool down the love and affection of the spouse. Consequently, hatred and scorn will develop on both sides.

It is two-way love that created prosperity, not one way love. And then huxband people, who recommended their marriage and promised them the development of love, all vanish away.

All have left them alone to themselves to pass a cool, frigid, spiritless life with a mountain of difficulties and agonies. Even if those who promised them that love would develop wish to help them, they simply. Youth both boys and girls must concentrate upon and be cautious about this point: There is no guarantee that it may develop at a later stage.

I have seen sex personals Lake Benton persons who married bearing this wrong conception and logic in their minds and their lives were ruined. Our righteous anchorage horny woman slut were keen on selecting religious wives, regardless of their looks and hot south african girls or financial status.

He felt tired, so he leaned against a wall and heard a woman telling her daughter to mix the milk with water before selling it. Go to the house that you marked and find out who the speakers were and see if there is a man [in the house]. Had your father been capable of getting married, he would have hastened to marry this woman. I wish that one of you would marry. As you know, I have no wife, so [I why do you love a girl I am more entitled to marry.

Hence, the fruit of this noble marriage was the birth of a Caliph, who was unprecedented in his justice and asceticism, and in popularity among his subjects. Such a righteous, religious woman certainly exists. If the father head of the household is pious himself, his daughters will be chaste and religious. The second criterion in selecting a wife, hhsband is closely tied to the first, is that she must possess good morals. Indeed, how to choose a husband in islam truly religious woman would have a good character, as her faith would prevent her from evil in speech, whether through hurtful words or gossip, and actions.

Having good morals is a basic characteristic when in looking for a wife, as the wise man Luqmaan rightly advised his son: Seek refuge with Allah The Almighty from an immoral woman, as she would age you before your time. O son! Ask Allah The Almighty to protect you from the t of women and to grant you the best of. Endeavor to find a righteous woman, so you can be happy for life.

While not a requirement per se, Islam urges a Muslim to marry a virgin only because men naturally prefer a woman who has never been with anyone else. There is no doubt that a bride who is a virgin devotes all her love to the one man who chose her from among countless women; and indeed, the first love is true love.

Also, since a tonight sweet a wanted does not have experience with men, she will devote all her affection to the only man who married. Once again, as a matter of a better and not only choice, Islam urges the Muslim to marry fertile women, who are free from any disease that prevents pregnancy, as may be lslam by pre-marital checkups and through consultation with specialist doctors.

Closeness in culture and age. Homogeneity in marriage, according to Islamic jurisprudence, is in choosing a wife that is close to the man in age, culture and family background. This is because due to similar standards, the harmony of marital life fhoose be maintained in a like-minded how to choose a husband in islam. However, some scholars disagree, saying sexy bbw booty cannot stand as proof, as all Muslims are competent for each.

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