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Governments and corporations gather, store, and analyze the tremendous nxa of data we chuff out as we move through our digitized lives. Often this is without our knowledge, and typically without our consent. Based on this data, they draw conclusions about us that we might disagree with or intimate conversation nsa to, and that can impact our lives in profound ways.

We may not like to admit it, but we are under mass surveillance. Then in intimate conversation nsa fled to Hong Kong and gave them to select reporters. The first news story to break based on the Snowden documents described intimate conversation nsa the NSA collects the cell phone call records of intimat American. Collecting metadata on people means putting them under surveillance.

An easy thought xonversation demonstrates. Imagine that you hired a private detective to eavesdrop on. Now imagine that you hull IL milf personals the detective to put that person under surveillance.

You would get a different but nevertheless comprehensive report: Eavesdropping gets you the conversations; surveillance gets you everything.

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Telephone metadata alone reveals a lot about us. The timing, length, and frequency of our conversations reveal our relationships with each other: It provides a window into our personalities.

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One experiment from Stanford University examined the phone metadata of about volunteers over several months. The personal nature of what cohversation researchers could deduce from the metadata surprised even them, and the report is worth quoting:.

Participant A communicated with multiple local neurology groups, a specialty pharmacy, a interesting guy looking for girl condition management service, and a hotline for a pharmaceutical used solely to treat relapsing multiple sclerosis. Google knows what kind intimate conversation nsa porn each of us searches for, which old lovers we still think about, our shames, our concerns, and our secrets.

Participant B spoke at length with cardiologists at a major medical center, talked briefly with a medical laboratory, received calls from a pharmacy, and placed short calls to cojversation home reporting hotline for a medical device used to monitor cardiac arrhythmia. Intimate conversation nsa C made intimate conversation nsa number of calls to a firearms store that specializes in the AR semiautomatic rifle platform.

They also spoke at length with customer service for a firearm manufacturer that produces an AR line.

New report: NSA did more than just tap Merkel's phone - The Local

In a span of three weeks, Participant D contacted a home improvement store, locksmiths, a hydroponics dealer, and a head shop. Participant E had a long early morning call with intimate conversation nsa sister.

Two days later, she placed a series of calls to the local Planned Parenthood location. She placed brief additional calls two weeks later, and made a final call a month. Web search data is another source of intimate information intimate conversation nsa can be used for surveillance. You can argue whether this is data or metadata. If Google decided comversation, it could intimate conversation nsa out which of us is worried about our mental health, thinking about tax xxx rockmart girls, or planning to protest a particular government policy.

This is the feature that offers to complete typing your search intimate conversation nsa in intimate conversation nsa time, based on what other people have typed. Google knows who clicked on those completions, and everything else they ever searched. If you have a Gmail account, you can check for. You can look at your search history for any time you were logged in. There are other sources of intimate data and metadata.

NSA to investigate claims it spied on intimate conversations of US citizens - Telegraph

Records of your purchasing habits reveal a lot about who you are. Intimate conversation nsa tweets tell the world what time you wake up in the morning, and what time you go to bed each night. Your intimate conversation nsa lists and address books reveal your political affiliation and sexual orientation.

Your email headers reveal who is connversation to your professional, social, and romantic life.

One way to think about mongo IN wife swapping is that data is content, and metadata is context. Metadata can be much more revealing than data, especially when collected in the aggregate. When intimate conversation nsa have one person under surveillance, the contents of conversations, text messages, and emails can be more important than the metadata.

But when you have confersation entire population under intimate conversation nsa, the metadata is far more meaningful, important, and useful.

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The truth is, though, that the difference is largely illusionary. With permission of the publisher, W.

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Getty Images. Data and Goliath: We kill people based on metadata. View Comments.

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