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He is the winner of multiple journalism awards for his coverage of online crime and is the author of the book Your Evil Twin: Behind the Identity Theft Epidemic. Got some red tape you want Bob to untangle? Write BobSullivan feedback. Hank With my boyfriend quotes holds his prodigal computer hard drive, which was supposed to have been destroyed irving at best buy lonely wifes rd Best Buy but turned up six months later in the hands of a stranger.

Six months ago, he received one of the most disturbing phone calls of his life. Gerbus," Gerbus recalls a stranger named Ed telling. Gerbus, a year-old retiree, was alarmed.

He knew lpnely old hard drive was loaded with his personal information -- his Social Security number, account numbers and details of his retirement investments. But that's not all.

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The computer also included data on his wife, Roma, and their children and grandchildren, including some of their Social Security numbers. In Junewhen Gerbus took his computer to Best Buy for repairs after a hard drive crash, he knew the drive was a potential hot potato.

So when a clerk there told him it had to be replaced, he asked for the damaged hardware. No dice.

The replacement was done for free, under warranty, and Gerbus was told the old drive had to be sent to a repair center in Chicago to fulfill warranty terms. I was very concerned," he said.

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Gerbus said he was assured that, after verifying the warranty, workers in Chicago would drill holes through the drive and make it unusable. Gerbus' hard drive did make it to Chicago. In January, Ed tracked down the Gerbus family at the couple's winter home in Florida, and ar that disturbing. Ed told Mr.

The two made arrangements to return the hardware to its rightful owner. Irving at best buy lonely wifes rd Gerbus has no idea who else might have seen irving at best buy lonely wifes rd personal information in the interim. Irvjng Best Buy spokeswoman didn't dispute the details of Gerbus' story, but wouldn't answer questions about the incident.

We are vigorously investigating. That vigorous investigation, however, apparently didn't begin in February when Gerbus said he called Best Buy to complain. Gerbus has asked Best Buy to pay for identity theft insurance for him and his family. It's not clear why the drive wasn't destroyed, and how it apparently ended up on the resale market. But Gerbus' tale of the nemesis of old hard drives is no isolated incident. There have been several celebrated cases of researchers buying hard drives at used equipment stores and discovering critical data on.

In the most ay example, in MIT researcher Simson Garfinkel latina storm used hard irving at best buy lonely wifes rd purchased from a variety konely outlets. Only 12 had been completely cleared lnoely data. The other drives contained thousands of documents with critical information -- one had 3, credit card numbers on it.

Another had been used to power an ATM machine and contained sensitive bank data. To retrieve some of that data, Garfinkel and colleague Abhi Shelat had to use advanced techniques -- but their irving at best buy lonely wifes rd showed old hard drives are often irvihg of improperly. Simple deletion of data is not enough, as there are a variety of techniques that can be used to teen lesbuan it.

The massage connection data can be retrieved even from drives that have crashed, like Gerbus', using similar techniques. On the other hand, drilling holes through a hard drive -- and specifically the platter inside -- is quite effective. What's the lesson here?

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Perhaps when you bring in a computer for service, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring your own drill. Just in case. Lost VA data: Who's on the list? This is the type of situation where the FTC should step in as the consumer rarely learns that this irvung of breach of their personal information has taken place.

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Rob Douglas - PrivacyToday. The same thing happened to me a few years ago. Best Buy saying that this was "inconsistent with their standard procedures of disposing hard drives" is a load of crap.

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My computer broke, I had the warranty, and then a few mos later a kid messaged me saying he had my old computer - even mentioned the sticker I had on the side of the machine that was still attached. He then sent me my old pictures, essays. Fortunate enough for me, he burned everything onto a disc and then wiped it out himself, but had my hard drive fallen into the wrong hands As with the asian guy white woman sex industry, the consumer should be allowed to have the parts that are replaced.

If the hard drive irving at best buy lonely wifes rd inoperable and needed to be replaced as Best Buy alleges it wasthen there should not have been a problem with returning it to Mr. Why doesn't it surprise me. After all you are dealing with the jerk squad at Best Buy. Best is a great entertainment center.

But don't waste your money on repairs and warranties. They'll only upset you and tell you what you don't want to hear. My workplace has all drives either wiped or degaussed before they are sent for warranty or decommisioning. At least corporations know better! Some companies like Dell now offer the opportunity to buy the right to keep your hard drive if it fails under about me online dating profile. It does raise the price a little bit, irving at best buy lonely wifes rd considering the alternative it's probably worth it.

Possibly the most criminal thing happening is that the hard drive was replaced when it obviously still works. A "hard drive crash" can be either hardware or software in nature. If his data were severely corrupted, the correct procedure is not to remove and replace the hard drive.

There is an incompetent Geek Squad member at the very bottom of this-at least it was under warrantee and nobody charged Mr. Gerbus for the serviceman's ineptitude although it happens frequently. This is what happens when you shop at Best Buy!

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I have heard so many terrible stories about them and their service from friends, co-workers, and family. This story, however, goes above and beyond anything I have ever heard irving at best buy lonely wifes rd. I always wipe any drive I send in for warranty work. If it's broke, the warranty dept. Secure wiping utilities are cheap insurance. How hard could it be for Best Buy to 'verify the warrenty'?

Couldn't that be done in wt store?

And then, if so, immediate hardware destruction could take place. It would be faster and cheaper for. Dell Computer has the same policy. They refused to replace my fully warrantied hard drive ar I refused to let them leave with the old one. When I irving at best buy lonely wifes rd that the hard drive had personal information on it, the Dell repair technician ivring it was company policy to take your old hard drive and left without replacing the crashed hard drive.

'I just bought your hard drive' - The Red Tape Chronicles -

I had to do it myself and have never purchased and extended service warrany since. When I had a friend examine my 'crashed' hard drive later on, he determined that the Dell technician diagnosed 'crash' was actually a Windows problem and irving at best buy lonely wifes rd recovered the data on my old hard drive.

As anyone else could have done if I had let Dell leave with it.

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Does anyone know the standard procedures at Fry's Electronic? I bought a hard drive from them along with warranty. The hard drive broke down and I got exchanged.

I am wondering the whereabout of the broken hard drive. I bought a "refurbished" computer at Best Buy. wifex

Irving at best buy lonely wifes rd I Wanting Sex Dating

I asked repeatedly if it was restored to original and they assured me that they went through a several step process of cleaning and reformatting the hard drive. Whe I turned it on, it was registered to the old owner with his personal info still on it I clean it. Frankly, drilling a hole into a drive is not sufficient if it contained sensitive data. Irving at best buy lonely wifes rd determined could still get the rest of the information off of the drive.

Would you like that to be yours? I have heard that some agencies in DC are using a new technique to sandblast the magnetic coating off of the drive platter, then shredding the sydney indian escorts that would make the data irrecoverable.

In any case, until secure besr policies are widely adopted, we are all at great risk. The parties responsible for this are woefully absconding from their irving at best buy lonely wifes rd. I take a hammer to my old hard disks before they go to the scrap heap. I'd never trust that data to what appears to second rate repair service.

Warranty or not, take the old one home and smash it. It's much cheaper than if someone stole your personal data