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Mensa iq free test

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Please select your age range to start the test:. IQ Test Error loading test.

Please select your age range to start the test: Thanks to the members of International High IQ Society and others who took the test during development. Mensa iq free test the test: During development, data from more than submissions was collected and analyzed, resulting in several major and minor updates while continuously monitoring submissions to mensa iq free test that every adjustment contributed positively towards the finalization of the test.

The final version shows very high internal consistency Cronbach's alpha 0. The test correlates strongly with professional tests such as Ravens Progressive Matrices and Daniels Figure Reasoning Test correlation 0.

The data also suggest a strong correlation with Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale correlation 0. The test measures IQ between fre andand provides valid I. Please select your age range to start the test. Exercise 1.

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Previous Next Finish. Exercise 2. Exercise 3.

Exercise 4. Exercise 5. Think you can do better?

You are in the 96th-toth percentile of all thinkers. Famous celebrities who reportedly fall within this IQ range include former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and comedian Dennis Miller.

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People with this IQ score are on the top end of the IQ range for professions such as:. You are in the 86th-toth percentile of all thinkers.

This IQ score puts you into the top quartile of intelligence for most professions but would only be a little above average for a mensa iq free test professor or medical doctor. Other professions that typically contain workers with these sorts of IQ scores include:.

You are in the 67th-tord percentile of all thinkers. People with this IQ score are considered average for professions such as:. Your IQ is Between 96 and Average.

You are in the 41st-tond percentile of all thinkers. People with this IQ score are in the middle of the IQ range for professions such as:.

You are in the 19th-toth percentile mensa iq free test all thinkers. Someone in this range is typically considered slightly below average in terms of intelligence. People with this IQ score are slightly below the average score for occupations such as:.

You are in the 6th-toth percentile of all thinkers. In the movie Forrest Gump, his stated IQ is 75, which would fall into this range. Mensa iq free test with this score would fall into the bottom quarter of the IQ range for professions such as:.

You are in the 5th or lower percentile of all thinkers. The lower end of scores in this range is typically a sign of some type of mental impairment.

Preparing for the Mensa test? Our sample IQ test will help you get an idea of how well you might perform on the prestigious high IQ society's entrance exam. This quiz is provided for entertainment purposes only; it is not an IQ test. This score will not qualify you for Mensa. The questions on the "Mensa Workout" are. IQ Test. Made by Mensa Norway. This online test gives an indication of general and free from distractions and that you can work uninterrupted for 25 minutes.

Scores approaching 74 are on the bottom end of the IQ range for occupations mensa iq free test as:. How do you join Mensa? The Mensa workoutwhile not an official IQ test, is a Mensa backed quiz that offers a rough idea of some of the types of questions you will see on the Mensa exam.

Stick to the basics to make sure your mental sharpness is at its best on testing day. Some basic tips include:.

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There is a fee for testing which changes slightly over time. The fee may vary by location. To find a Mensa test session in your area follow this link to the Mensa website: Time limit: Test-Summary 0 of 50 questions completed Questions: