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Perfect body size for men Looking Couples

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Perfect body size for men

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I read somewhere that only women are insecure about their bodies and that men do not try to achieve the ideal body measurementsfor men, but I remember when I was growing up in Jr High and High School having problems knowing who I.

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My Dad was about 6 foot and pounds. He played football as a linemen in a small high school. I thought I too would play line.

I did not think about what a difference a high school that was at least 10 times as big would make. I did not figure it our until I was doing lineman drills in high school with guys that were twice my size.

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Now at 58 I love my 5"10' pound body. It is average and not great at anything, but it alows such flexibility in what I.

Perfect body size for men average lifting weights about 10 minutes a week which alows me to lift heavy boxes and other objects. But I particularly love to run. My favorite thing to do is grab my binoculars and head to the park to look for birds Ideal Shape The simple answer according to one source is that a mans chest circumference should be 10 inches larger than his waist circumference.

Here is the best answer I have gotten from a body builder who also has an excellent weight loss program online Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, which I used: Perfect body size for men wrote about ideal measurements frequently and was always striving for his idea of perfection in this regard and came close to achieving his own personal perfdct. One of his criteria for ideal proportions included having his arms, calves and neck measure the.

His formula is based on wrist measurement and was also published in the book Super Squats:. I find all these measurement ideals very interesting, but personally I take them with a grain of salt.

Measurements - especially arm measurements - are also frequently exaggerated. Twenty inch arms, for example, are rare and when you actually see them in person, you realize just how massive they really are.

But somehow beginners and natural athletes get the idea pegfect their head that bodybuilding success means pounds and a 20 inch arm. The only opinion that matters in the end is your.

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