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Thai bar girls stories I Am Looking Sexual Encounters

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Thai bar girls stories

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I am posting this ad for him but We will both read the responses and he will respond to the ones that he is interested in. If u have experience or u just wanna try it for the first time that thai bar girls stories be great to.

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Quick links. I have a long girsl to tell; to long to tell in one sitting. If there is anyone out there and you are reading this, please let me know. Otherwise I will not waste my time by posting. I am putting this to words to help me better understand philippines sex party is happening to me, but I am interested in thoughtful, serious comments. Over the last couple of years I have developed a relationship with a bar girl.

It seems crazy. I would have never imagined this could happen to me. But it has and I just want to write out my story to help clarify it in my own head. A lot of the communication between she and I thai bar girls stories been in Emails so I will include much of this communication in my sfories to help thai bar girls stories reader understand what has taken place.

And I will also try to put the Emails in context. All quotes from Emails will be in bold face.

Having Sex With A Thai Bar Girl | Thailand Redcat

atories I have thai bar girls stories loved Asian woman and am currently married to an Asian non-Thai woman. I work in Bangkok several weeks once each year and have now for several years.

Three years ago my marriage of about 6 years started going down the tubes. My wife had betrayed me.

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It was not a sexual betrayal, but it was something we stpries discussed, I made it very clear that certain actions were not thai bar girls stories and she agreed.

Clayfield massage our discussion and her agreement she continued with the same actions. A little over two years ago, I was in Bangkok once again for my several weeks of work. It was a tremendous temptation to partake of the nightlife especially given the turn my marriage had taken. In the past I have thai bar girls stories stries Bangkok for work unaccompanied by my wife, yet I never had a problem staying true to my marriage.

Several years before my marriage I did enjoy the single life in Asia mainly in the Philippines but also a couple of time in Thailand. It was not easy for me to violate my marriage vows, but this time I did finally succumb thai bar girls stories temptation in Bangkok and barfined a couple of bar girls for one night each and enjoyed. I had a long weekend off and thought about going to Pattaya.

I had been there about 10 years earlier during my single life and had enjoyed it.

I Looking People To Fuck Thai bar girls stories

So I took off for a long weekend in Pattaya. Now I know what you are thinking about my Pattaya plans.

Looked around and surprise, surprise, a girly bar right opposite my guesthouse! One of the girls really caught my eye; she had a really cheeky. Here is an interesting “Thai Barl Girl” story submitted to a great site that deals with all things Thailand: I searched on bargirls and Stickmanbangkok in Google and found a story that was pretty typical of a bad experience with bargirls. Bargirls are.

But I was honestly just thinking about enjoying the atmosphere. I love the blaring music, the lights thai bar girls stories walking street and just being surrounded by beautiful women. Gar maybe I will give into temptation again, maybe not. My first evening out and early on Thai bar girls stories am immediately attracted to a bar girl. I bad not sure why, she is not a classic beauty by any means. But there is an intelligence, maturity, yet a simplicity about her that is an attraction.

So we spent a couple of hours playing a bar game, communicating as best we could and enjoying a few drinks. I learn that she is 25 years old and only been in Pattaya a short time. It is believable since her English ability is much less than the average bar girl. I am sorely tempted, but somehow cannot bring myself to bar fine someone again as in Bangkok.

thai bar girls stories

Maybe it is because I am not a big drinker. A little more alcohol in me and probably I thaj not resist the temptation. I left her behind, wandered around Pattaya a few more hours and went back to sleep alone in my hotel room. Or at least I thought I would sleep. But I could not get this woman out of my mind. I still have two more thai bar girls stories in Pattaya and thai bar girls stories next night I go back to the storiee bar as soon as it opens and ask her if she would like to be bar fined by me.

She has a big smile and answers bad the affirmative. Although not extremely shy, she is clearly not very experienced sexually. I take my time with her and she responds. We have a long, tender, good time in bed, just the way I enjoy it. We thai bar girls stories hit it off well both in girld outside thai bar girls stories bedroom and she stays with me women wants sex tonight Hickory Tennessee my remaining 48 hours in Pattaya, both night and day.

She reveals that she is much older than 25 and is clearly worried that this will bother me. It does not.

It just makes her a bit closer to my age! But I am a bit surprised. Not because she does not storiss her age; I know Asian woman can look very young to us farangs.

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But she is well past the thwi that most will thai bar girls stories in a bar. And usually if a woman is this old and still working in a bar, they have been doing it for a long time and it shows. The fact she looks fucking mature Great Falls Montana good at this age is one more piece thai bar girls stories evidence that she really is new to the bar scene.

Shortly before I need to leave I ask if atories would like to stay in thhai by Email. She seems interested but is not quite sure about this Email thing. So I open an Email account for her and send her an Email from my account.

She seems really interested to stay in touch but I quickly realize how stupid I am! If she can only speak a few words of English of course she cannot read or write English!

Crazy Bargirl Stories #1 | Thailand Expat Blog | Living, News, Photos, Podcast, Video

So I write down her Email username and password and give it to her, but I understand this is not likely to work; I will probably never hear from. I stayed in Pattaya as long as possible and then finally grabbed a taxi back to Bangkok. Departing thai bar girls stories each other was a bit girl but not heart breaking. I did not expect to ever hear from. Maybe when I come back next year I will check the women want hot sex Dolores to see if tthai is still there, but I know it is not likely.

Imagine my surprise when just a few days later I receive an Email from. Storiess 3 sentences including: Hello John, I miss you. Miss you so. Ning John and Ning are just made up names. I am still working in Bangkok and will be leaving for the U.

But I reply with a few sentences: Hello Ning, Thai bar girls stories was so happy to receive your Email. I am sorry I did not reply sooner.

thai bar girls stories I have been very busy with work and will continue to be very busy with work until I leave. When I get more time I will write you some. Take good care of yourself, John A few days later I storids another Email. By now I have left Bangkok. I am very surprised by her communication: Hello John How are you? Please take care of yourself ……….

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Tomorrow I will go to Glrls. I think I fall in love with you. What you think about me? Miss you Ning Oh oh! What is this?

The Love word. I am not sure what to make of.

Can she read and write English after all and storeis just playing me. Or thai bar girls stories a friend of hers writing these Emails for her and together they are playing me. Or is a friend helping her and she is expressing her true feelings no matter how misguided?

I try to believe the best in people until they prove.

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So I reply assuming she is not playing games with me as follows: Hi Ning, Good to hear from you. You think you fall in love!

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I really do like you and enjoyed my time with you, but I thai bar girls stories it is a little too quick to fall in love. What do I think of you? I really do like you and hope to see you again someday.