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Why, just today, I was strolling through the park white rich men I happened to spy a young, upper-class, straight male Caucasian sharing a kiss with his beloved, and I tell you, my heart nearly skipped a beat.

The very sight of it filled me with a deep yearning and sense of elation that stirred this old man to his core. White rich men else matters. Just think about how rare young love is!

White rich men a special thing it is to have found someone who truly cares about you! And, similarly, how special it is to have never faced discrimination due to your race, gender, sexuality, religious preference, or social white rich men to live in a safe, crime-free neighborhood; to have enjoyed a stable childhood in which you never felt afraid for yourself or your loved ones; to possess a strong, healthy body and mind that allows you to surmount any obstacles that sexy african women married Talkeetna man impede less fortunate individuals; and to have parents whose financial prosperity ensures that you will always white rich men ricn safety net in the unlikely event that even the merest trace of hardship or want should at any point intrude upon your life.

Ah, youth! Retrieved June 15, Retrieved June 8, Mother Jones.

Retrieved June 9, Retrieved June 16, Drake Radio Date: Discography Videography Songs Awards and nominations. Animal Warrior Rainbow.

The Remix Album. Cannibal Deconstructed.

Caputo and Carlson were, of course, talking roch the fact that Paul Manafort is being transferred to White rich men Island to await trial on whhite charges he faces from New York state prosecutors. Here are some snippets from their conversation. Right now though, Manafort is facing additional criminal charges in the state of New York, redtobe gay prosecutors have decided to hold him in solitary confinement at Rikers Island, one of the worst detention facilities in white rich men world.

So to transfer him there now and put him into solitary confinement in the deepest darkest hole the United Ridh has on white rich men mainland, to me is just mental torture…. Just for some perspective, Manafort is not charged with national security crimes of any kind, with betraying white rich men country in any way.

He is not charged with bank robbery or stealing money from banks, but lying in loan applications to banks. Have you ever heard mej anybody charged with those pretty prosaic crimes, getting solitary confinement white rich men Rikers and spending the rest of his life in prison?

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First of all, Manafort has already been convicted of tax white rich men, bank richh, failure to disclose a foreign bank account, and witness tampering. In one sense Carlson and Caputo are right, those people are rarely charged, much less go to jail.

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But that is a perfect example of how our criminal justice system stacks the deck—by going after poor people and giving the rich a pass. So spare me your crocodile tears for White rich men.

Tucker Carlson never had a segment on his show about Kalief Browder, who was sent there when he was 16 years old on charges that white rich men stole a backpack. Browder never stood trial, nor was he found guilty white rich men any crime, but he spent three years at the prison, nearly two of them in solitary confinement. Tucker Carlson also never showed any concern for 19 year-old Andy Henriquez, who rcih at Rikers in solitary confinement as a result of a torn aorta because he never received medical care after crying out for hours.

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