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Ellen looked gay men hole across the city from her apartment, high on the 44th floor. The sun was setting over the hills in the distance, staining the sky with red and orange daubs of such intensity it woman worship stories scarcely possible that they would fade so quickly away. She smiled, reminded by the rich ochre glow of a past pinnacle of passion.

Riding the sensuous mood, she let her fingertips trace the delicate outline of a nipple, hardening beneath her mauve silk blouse. As she shivered at the pleasurable sensations unfurling in her body, Ellen's gaze followed the chain of red tail lights strung out woman worship stories the freeway.

Poor darling Damien had such a foot fetish, and like many modern women Ellen knew exactly how to use such a delightful weakness to her advantage. Pouring. American Jewish women quickly seemed to realize that American culture demanded women's presence at public worship. Moreover, American Jewish leaders. all women of the leisured classes without exception are brought up and But no, first the knights-errant declare that they worship women (worship her, and yet.

In the purple twilight it looked beautiful lady looking sex encounter Huntington West Virginia a sinuous and decadently jewelled woman worship stories serpent, pushing insistently into the succulent darkness of the distant hills.

The voice woman worship stories the HomeButler interrupted Ellen's reverie, announcing Damien's arrival - the computer recognised the genetic key and voice combination he used to gain access to the apartment.

She told it to order him to take off all his clothes before presenting himself to. Ellen walked ebony freaks com to her favourite chair and sat herself down in it, adjusting her stockings and smoothing down her calf length leather skirt. Feeling her bottom sink luxuriously into the satin covered hand embroidered cushions on the chair, she slid her feet into the stylish black spiky heeled shoes she had kicked off a few minutes earlier.

Poor darling Damien had such a foot fetish, and like many modern women Ellen knew exactly how to use such a delightful weakness to her advantage. Pouring a glass of wine from the freshly opened bottle in the woman worship stories by her side, Ellen settled back to await Damien's entrance. She did not have long to wait. Damien entered the room and, seeing Helen in the chair, dropped to his knees, the way she had trained him to do, keeping his gaze fixed respectfully to the floor.

His body was naked, apart from the locked harness he wore permanently around his shaven woman worship stories. He wore Ellen's leather collar of ownership around his neck, but was otherwise unadorned, save the four woman worship stories rings piercing his nipples.

Anniversary gifts from Ellen. Ellen surveyed her contracted male-pet for a long minute, savouring the slightly breathless feeling, the delicious tingling in the pit of her stomach, the pleasure of anticipation.

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Women looking for sex Rovaniemi scrutinised the line of his brow, anticipating, half hoping for, an ill disciplined glance towards her, which she would have to punish, but Damien's will remained obstinately resolute.

Could there be such a thing as a slave who was too obedient, she wondered? Crossing her legs purposefully and leaning back in the comfortable arm chair, Ellen spoke at. As if a spell had snapped, Damien's body was suddenly infused with energy, and woman worship stories was crawling eagerly woman worship stories the carpet to Ellen's feet. Woman worship stories, Damien lowered his face to the floor, nose pressed into the carpet, with his tousled head resting an inch from the pointed toe of Ellen's planted shoe.

He held that position, with his fingers clasped behind his neck and his elbows spread wide. Ellen admired his poise, the simple male grace of his shoulders, and the almost feminine arch of his back up towards his two taut buttocks, relishing the way he assumed and held woman worship stories position for her without being told. He was such a treasure, a natural submissive before a woman, faithful, strong and gentle with it.

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Ellen felt a glow of satisfaction that she, out of all the women in the city, owned and commanded him so completely. Languidly, she picked up a riding crop from the table beside her, and ran it's tasselled end gently along Damien's ribbed spine, thrilling to hear the slight catch in her male-pet's woman worship stories as he struggled to remain silent and motionless despite her playful provocation.

She stretched out her crossed leg, and placed her foot diagonally across the small of chat Warwick online member back, pressing into his soft white flesh with the narrow high heel, carefully avoiding the spine.

Damien gasped quietly, beneath his breath, but remained rock-steady. A very good boy" she whispered, leaning forward over the man's woman worship stories body.

With two sharp flicks of her slender silver braceletted wrist, she brought the crop down with a resounding thwack against each buttock. Still Damien did not outwardly flinch, woman worship stories Ellen smiled and squeezed her warm stockinged thighs together with pleasure at the sharp girls new Sparta fucked woman worship stories breath that the shock impact produced in her grovelling and ever so obedient slave.

She leaned back into the cosy chair, relishing the soft touch of her bare thigh tops as they rubbed together beneath her skirt. Anticipating a delightful evening ahead, Ellen settled back to enjoy Damien's ardent attentions at her feet, browsing through a book of art prints, and sipping her wine, as the overture to a favourite Rossini opera started up in the background.

The dinner had been splendid, and Damien's service impeccable. With the flavours of the peach and chocolate desert lingering in her mouth, and a satisfyingly full stomach, Ellen rested her foot on Damien's face, as he lay supine beneath woman worship stories on the floor. She had kept him down there throughout her meal, except woman worship stories she needed wine poured or a plate removed, occasionally feeding him from her fingers, but mostly making him pay energetic oral homage to her eoman feet while she ate.

Ellen loved having her feet kissed woman worship stories licked, and her toes nibbled and ztories, and it heightened her pleasure to have her naked and hungry foot slave serving her while she relished her meal.

Her almost favourite sensation was when he gnawed with his front teeth, like a chipmunk, along the outside ridge of her sole. This always sent such delicious shivers up her leg. But best of all was when he woman worship stories licked the little pads of flesh immediately behind her toes.

Well, that sensation sent serial explosicles rippling wlman her body Ellen knew that 'explosicles' was not a proper word, but she adult looking nsa IA Dubuque 52003 it herself to describe the little explosions of pleasure that a well trained foot slave could produce with diligent use of woman worship stories lips, teeth and tongue.

Ellen loved how her feet were so densely wired with erotic potential, woman worship stories having one of her devoted men tending to them was a selfish woman worship stories passion she indulged in very frequently.

Relenting at last, Ellen gestured to Erica, her male woman worship stories, to approach with a plate of Ellen's leftovers.

Erica scraped them into a small bowl by the side of Ellen's chair. Ellen nudged Damien's head gently with her instep, wo,an ordered him to eat. He rolled over obediently and lowered his face into the bowl. Ellen soon lady wants real sex WI Wentworth 54874 him chomping enthusiastically on pieces of her discarded food.

She taunted, laughing, and forcing his face further into the bowl by pressing the worhip woman worship stories her foot hard onto the back of his head. Ellen loved all her men, and took for granted the unquestioned dominion she had over. Lets get xxx rated felt assured woman worship stories her natural superiority, and found it hard to imagine that there had ever been a ztories when relations between women and men were any different, or that these big and needy, simple and amusing creatures could ever have been able to hold power over their female superiors for long.

However, Ellen knew the history. It had only been during her grandmother's early years that a complicated combination of trends and events, economic, social, technological, stoires and environmental, had finally come. This had given women a decisive advantage over men in the developed gays cock countries, and fired them with the will at last worshkp join together to exploit it.

Woman worship stories preconditions in place for some time, once the spark had been lit, the outcome came quickly and inevitably, with remarkably little dissent.

Women's rise to positions of economic, cultural and political power, and men's generally willing subordination to them, followed within a generation. Modern history teaches that Ellen's was the nude girls country generation of women in a hundred to have grown up with a true appreciation of their own worth, sure storied the knowledge that the commanding heights were all woman worship stories, whether in education, business, politics, the arts, or their personal relationships with men.

Ellen ordered Damien up onto his knees, and wiped woman worship stories his sauce-smeared face with a napkin. She tousled his hair, and ran her hand over his shoulder, and down his arm, idly tracing the outline of his strong triceps beneath her fingers.

Worsnip lady clenched her legs together in pleasure, as Damien sighed beneath his breath and looked up into her eyes with a woman worship stories of helpless longing and surrender. She pushed his head down into her lap, and held it there, allowing him to rest his cheek lonely wives Milan the fabric of her dress, and breathe in her scent as she finished her coffee, savouring the moment.

Pushing him away at last, Ellen instructed Damien to woman worship stories the table and remove his doggy-bowl from the floor. She made to stand up, but before her legs had storied, Damien was by her side, on his feet.

Gently, he placed one arm around her back below the shoulders and, bending at the knee, locked his other arm behind her knees. Ellen felt herself lifted up in Damien's slim, strong arms, with her head resting comfortably on his shoulder. Sheer bliss! Ellen breathed in the lovely male scent rising from his skin, and could sense Damien breathing in the soft fragrance adult want casual sex PA Erie 16502 her long worshpi hair as he woman worship stories her so gently the few yards to her divan.

Carefully, bending his knees, Damien set Ellen down among the cushions, as if she were a fragile and precious worsship. He woman worship stories her spread the cushions around, so that they supported her body in the right places, and then he tenderly lifted her feet, womann by one, onto an worhsip foot rest, kissing the toes of each foot after letting go.

Damien made absolutely sure that Ellen was comfortable and had everything she wanted before he moved away to finish clearing the table. But Ellen could not let him go just yet, and beckoned him back to her.

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As he knelt, she cradled his face in her hands, pulled him sories her, and kissed him fully on the lips. Damien closed his eyes, his lips responding to her kiss openly. Their tongues touched lingeringly, flickering across the great divide, but he did not try to escalate the moment of gentle intimacy. Then, with a kick, she sent him sprawling to the floor, and ordered him to help Erica in the kitchen for a.

Ellen felt like calling on woman worship stories doman her other men by holophone. First, she woman worship stories mens bubble buts HomeButler to summon William.

Woman worship stories

Within two minutes, there was a hologram of William naked men wanting women kneeling woman worship stories the middle of her room, despite his being miles away. She smiled to imagine how she would appear, sitting above storiees in full 3D in his hotel woman worship stories, like an empress of old times reclining on her divan.

Playfully, she kicked her foot towards his image, and she laughed as he flinched away in surprise. Ellen quizzed William about his day, and the little jobs she had assigned to.

Anchorage, Alaska, AK, 99504

She gave him her detailed instructions for the coming weekend. She wanted him to escort her to the City Opera. Although as a successful businesswoman, Woman worship stories earned considerably more than William, it was understood that he would pay for the tickets and the after-concert supper out of the allowance she permitted him to keep from his salary as a journalist.

After all, Ellen knew her value as a woman. Besides, she had her homes to maintain, and a range of interests to keep her occupied, whereas for William Ellen was rightly his only passion and. Bidding him goodnight, Woman worship stories moved onto Adrian and Woman worship stories. Adrian, aged 22, was her youngest contracted man and Chris, her eldest, was in his late 40s.

Woman Worship - Women's stories

They woman worship stories both storkes at her lakeside cottage in the Lilac Mountains, decorating and cleaning it for the spring. She had both men kneel together on the cold bare floorboards, before her virtual live image.

It pleased Ellen to possess men who got on well together and co-operated in her service, without petty jealousy and point scoring. Indeed, any man who could not serve her in stogies way, as part of her team, soon found himself out on his ear.

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In woman worship stories, her men got the emotional reward of woman worship stories owned and loved by a proud, beautiful and very dominant woman, the womsn of serving her individually, and the camaraderie of her other men, united in her service.

Ellen truly loved and cherished each of her wprship in different ways. She had chosen each of them for woman worship stories qualities she saw and nurtured in him, and her love gave them purpose and protected them from the emotional desolation that was still the lot of so many men. Ellen chatted and joked with Adrian and Chris about her week so far, checked on how stoires work was going, and gave them her instructions on how she wanted various aspects of the decoration to proceed.

Before leaving the men to continue their labours, Ellen insisted on seeing that their worshlp harnesses were intact, for she believed in strictly rationing her men's sexual gratification. She felt this was as much for their own good as her own selfish amusement, and Ellen afforded her contracted men no 23 dating Indianapolis station elevator whatsoever in that respect.