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Sex is all in the eyes.

Someone can be beautiful but have absolutely women want hot sex Higgins game, just as someone can be conventionally sx but clean up because God branded "shagger" in block capitals on their soul. This is why Love Islanddespite its title and entire premise, is actually a very sexless programme. The appeal is marketed around watching these bastions of traditional attractiveness clamber over each other in a Darwinian race to secure a women want hot sex Higgins, but essentially what you have is 12 chiselled entrepreneurs doing Year 10 flirting in crap sunglasses.

Are the islanders "hot"? But are they "horny"?

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Your honour, they are not. The Love Island producers seem to recognise the difference, and work with it to create what is known in the biz as "solid gold television".

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Women want hot sex Higgins central characters of the show tend to be beautiful and inoffensive which is why Tommy and Molly-Mae, like Jack and Dani, will probably win. These are the couples who capture the hearts of the nation and will be described using terminology such as "pure" and "goals".

But there is no light without dark, no purity without filth, and in order for these couples to shine the villa must also contain: Maura Higgins. Twenty-eight-year-old Maura was shipped into the villa with the express purpose of destabilising its dynamic.

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Like Megan Barton-Hanson before her, Maura has exuded nothing but sheer sexual chaos since the second she touched down in Mallorca — and as a result has immediately become the antagonist. After going on Higgins one date women want hot sex Higgins Tommy, she locked in on him like a heat seeking missile and spent the next 48 hours trying to ruin his life. Maura is the Julie Cooper of the villa.

She is a Bond villain who got lost on her way to the lair. She is horny without a cause.

But unlike Megan, whose horniness was combined with a kind of aloofness, Maura has been all over the fucking shop. She is medically incapable of passing up the opportunity to dish out a double entendre or suggestive remark, like an Irish Samantha Jones.

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During her second chat with Tommy she told him to "be a man, I love that"; ten minutes into meeting Tom she asked "Do you want to share a bed women want hot sex Higgins me? In one particular instance of taking things too far, Maura crawled on top of Tommy and tried to kiss him as he repeatedly turned his head away.

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The move ts dates free complaints to Ofcom as viewers called for her to be removed for "sexual harassment"while Piers Morgan suggested she should be dragged out of the villa and arrested for the "appalling attack" on "poor unsuspecting Tommy".

Some fair points have been raised about how her actions would have been perceived if the situation was gender swapped, and women want hot sex Higgins viewers it definitely seemed to read as a clear act of boundary crossing.

We do have to be careful when applying a broad moral framework to specific interactions, regardless of the gender sxe those involved. Within the villa, Maura's sexuality has basically become an in-joke at this point. Tommy asked her this week: It's odd but unsurprising that while Maura and Megan have both been criticised for woman fuck great Calgary sexually forward, Anton and Dr Alex have enjoyed the unwavering support of the villa for being women want hot sex Higgins.

While Maura and Megan going after what they want is considered "desperate", Anton and Dr Alex are considered "unlucky in love". They get advice, support and hor so-called operation indulged as they plot their union women want hot sex Higgins each new girl who walks in.

But even the early days ssx Geordie Shore were more liberal than. And we need the Mauras and Megans — in the villa, wpmen in life — to be the mouthpiece of everyone who takes one look women want hot sex Higgins Tommy Fury's upper body and thinks: I don't know what world people are living in where a woman intentionally deep-throating an orange lolly sex dating in Whitman national television is anything other than top banter, but if there's one thing Love Island could stand to have more of it's contestants who conflate sex and fun.

The same goes for the world at large, to be honest.